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NYC Townhouse Mock-up Ships from Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Just after the holidays, manufacture of the mock-up for the custom terra cotta rain screen system, designed by Michael K Chen Architecture for the NYC Townhouse, was laid out on the floor of Boston Valley's warehouse.
John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Center for Asian Art, terraclad, glaze

New Asian Center Turning Ringling Green

Three thousand handcrafted terra cotta tiles, glazed an iridescent green, are being painstakingly installed on the exterior of the future Helga Wall-Apelt Center for Asian Art on the campus of the Ringling Museum.

Fully Custom Prototyping in Boston Valley’s ARCH Design Lab

Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s ARCH Design lab is milling custom dies that will be used for our prototype extrusion press.

White Satin Glaze Approved For 250 Delaware Project

Boston Valley has received glaze color approval for the 250 Delaware Avenue project from the project's architectural firm Diamond Schmitt and owner Uniland Development. 

Ringling Museum + Machado Silvetti Associates Visit Boston Valley Terra Cotta

In addition to touring the plant, the group was updated on the progress of units being manufactured for the new addition to the Ringling Museum of Art called the Center for Asian Art.
Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building, Washington, D.C., architectural restoration, boston valley terra cotta, atefix

Custom Glaze Finishes Completed For Department of Justice Building

Fresh From The Kilns The fully-glazed antefix units for the Department…
Northeastern University’s Hastings Building, architectural restoration, boston valley terra cotta

Big and Beautiful – Terra Cotta Blocks Made for Northeastern University

Fabrication of the massive blocks that will adorn Northeastern…