• Close-up of small earth-toned architectural terra cotta roof tiles for a private residence in Western New York.


Boston Valley Terra Cotta continues the legacy of recreating the past and shaping the future with terra cotta roof tiles and fittings for historic restoration, replication and new construction. We provide Grade 1 terra cotta roof tiles for custom projects, specializing in custom sizes, shapes and finishes. Boston Valley has had the opportunity to provide custom roof tiles and fittings for such buildings as the New York State Capital building, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a Cornell University student residence building, as well as the Roycroft Campus Power House building at the site of the arts and crafts movement.

For Grade 1 terra cotta roof tile, Boston Valley warrants that the quality of the material will not impair function for a period of 75 years. Roof tile is limited to those terra cotta units that fall within the dimensions of 18”x18”. Units larger than that are considered to be specialty architectural terra cotta pieces and roof fittings and do not qualify for the 75 year warranty.