Media Resources

We are thrilled you would like to talk about Boston Valley Terra Cotta and our products and services. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you develop your content, images, or videos.

  • If you need access to the factory to shoot images or video, please contact us by email at for permission. We can also work with you to provide approved images for your use.
  • Properly credit any professional photographers and the building’s architect when applicable.
  • Submit any images/video you plan to use to be reviewed by Boston Valley Terra Cotta to ensure they highlight the best qualities of our product and your project.
  • Always use our full name, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, when you first mention our company in your content. After the first mention, you may shorten to Boston Valley if needed.  Be sure that you spell out “Terra Cotta” as two words. Do not refer to us by our initials “BVTC” in any professional media.

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions.

Brand Materials

Click the links below to download our complete set of logo files including EPS, PDF, JPG, PNG and TIF files and our Brand Standards which layout guidelines for maintaining our brand.