New Build, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art – Center for Asian Art, Glaze, Florida, TerraClad, Machado Silvetti
Restoration, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, 150 Nassau Street, Dorothy, Sculpture, New York

Recreating the Past. Shaping the Future.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is the leading manufacturer of custom architectural terra cotta for restoration of historic facades and creation of high performance building envelopes. Having been in the ceramic manufacturing business for over 120 years, we have a proven commitment to quality and a history of unparalleled customer service. Boston Valley’s diverse terra cotta lines include architectural terra cotta for restoration and custom facade systems, terra cotta roof tile, our TerraClad® rain screen system, and our new TerraPreCast® cladding. Located just south of Buffalo, NY and owned by the Krouse family, Boston Valley Terra Cotta continues a pattern of growth from an American manufacturer to a global terra cotta supplier. Our management team is leading the way in developing an atmosphere of collaboration with architects, owners and project stakeholders. This collaboration unites our longstanding history of craftsmanship with the emerging digital technologies of the design industry. Our commitment to this new, digital craft is allowing us to rationalize designs for terra cotta fabrication and solve challenging installation problems sooner, further enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional projects.

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Boston Valley is proud to have received the 2020 Architect’s Newspaper Innovator of the Year Award

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Explorations in Terra Cotta: Designing a Sustainable Green Wall

KPF Recaps their ACAW 2020 project - Explorations in Terra Cotta: Designing a Sustainable Green Wall
February 11, 2021/by Amy Numrich

Boston Valley Terra Cotta Donates Ceramic Buffalos for Roswell Park’s 20th Anniversary of Herd About Buffalo

BUFFALO, NY – Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Herd About Buffalo public art program with a commemorative auction.
November 18, 2020/by Amy Numrich

An in-depth look at how Boston Valley created the terra cotta for One Vanderbilt’s facade

The recently completed One Vanderbilt building has joined the distinguished silhouette of New York City’s skyline. The building was designed by KPF and the structure features a stunning terra cotta façade.
October 26, 2020/by Media Boston Valley
KPF's One Vanderbilt in New York City features white terra cotta spandrels by Boston Valley Terra Cotta along with orange soffits

Interview: KPF’s James von Klemperer on the design of New York’s ‘One Vanderbilt’

In a recent article published by designboom, KPF's James von Klemperer discusses the design and construction of One Vanderbilt in New York City. The famous supertall skyscraper located in Midtown Manhattan reaches a total height of 1400 feet, with 67 stories.
October 1, 2020/by Media Boston Valley


For a fifth year, Architects, Façade Engineers, Ceramic Artists, Designers, and Students gathered via webinar for the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW) held Wednesday, August 12 and Thursday, August 13.
September 15, 2020/by Media Boston Valley

Fifth Annual Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop Pushes the Envelope of Architectural Design

BUFFALO, NY – For a fifth year, Architects, Façade Engineers, and Ceramic Artists will gather via webinar for the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop (ACAW) being held Wednesday, August 12 through Thursday, August 13.
July 16, 2020/by Media Boston Valley
Louis Sullivan's Guaranty Building in Buffalo, NY

Recounting Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s Work On Louis Sullivan Restoration Projects

Boston Valley Terra Cotta manufactured architectural terra cotta for many Louis Sullivan buildings. This blog is a compilation of the restoration work that we've done for Sullivan-designed buildings to maintain their iconic façades for future generations.
July 15, 2020/by Media Boston Valley
The green wall at Michael Chen's NYC Townhohuse was developed to hold native plants inside. Boston Valley manufactured the terraclad wall and planters for the project.

TerraTrust: Boston Valley’s commitment to the future of sustainable manufacturing

Boston Valley has recently launched the TerraTrust sustainability initiative. This blog discusses the ways in which terra cotta contributes positively to sustainable building and manufacturing practices.
June 30, 2020/by Media Boston Valley

In Conversation with Andy Brayman Part 3: sustainability & innovation in ceramics

This blog is the final installment of a three-part profile on Boston Valley Terra Cotta Research and Development Specialist, Andy Brayman. Sustainability is a vital topic in the architectural industry – lowering the carbon footprint of production is a huge, but necessary, responsibility to take on.
June 25, 2020/by Media Boston Valley

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