Through Body Color

The term through-body color means that the color of the final product is achieved through a combination of clays, minerals and/or stains which are mixed with water and fired to a high temperature, forming permanent bonds. Through-body colors experience zero color fade due to UV exposure. Our architectural terra cotta products can be manufactured in custom through-body colors to match a historic clay body. For new masonry construction, we will work with the architect to create a custom through-body color if specified for the project. Finally, our TerraClad® and TerraPreCast® product lines are available in a range of standard through-body colors.

Connecticut College, New London Hall TerraClad® Rainscreen, New London, CT, unique honed textures

Beyond our standard through-body colors, we have the ability to create custom through-body colors. Our in-house Research & Development lab has created custom colors for many of the projects in our TerraClad® portfolio. The lab is constantly working to enhance our offerings with different colors and blends.

Please contact us to learn more about custom through-body color development.

Color Ranges

As a natural product made of material mined from the earth, terra cotta can exhibit a color range in both clay body and glaze finishes upon firing. This range makes terra cotta a truly beautiful building material. Boston Valley works with our clients to clarify the inherent color range of their selection and ensure that it fits within their design goals. We have invested in a Konica-Minolta Spectrophotometer. This device allows us to set the acceptable color range for a project and scan all terra cotta product for conformance to this range before it leaves our facility.

The standard colors shown below apply only to the TerraClad® and TerraPreCast® product lines.