The University of Arizona’s New Terra Cotta Facade is Almost Complete

The University of Arizona’s campus has been changing rapidly with multiple new-build construction projects going on at the same time. Most notably of the current projects is the Health and Sciences Innovation Building, which will become a center point of research in the science in medical fields in Arizona. The building, designed by CO Architects, is 212,000 square feet dedicated to bringing students, faculty, and researchers together all under the same roof. Formerly known as the, “Simulation Inter-professional Healthcare Education and Research Building,” the upgraded facility will allow people to practice simulations of real-life scenarios in order to prepare students and professionals alike.

The exterior of the Health and Sciences Innovation Building is clad in glass and terra cotta. Boston Valley Terra Cotta has extruded the TerraClad units for the building’s facade. Below are images of the unfired terra cotta panels featuring a ridged textured finish. After the firing, the terra cotta becomes a dark red Adobe, one of Boston Valley’s Through-Body Colors. This project is close to completion.


Detail of the terra cotta unit’s profile.

University of Arizona, Health and Sciences Innovation Center, CO Architects, Tuscon Arizona

The terra cotta utilizes a ridged texture to create its unique look.