St. Bart’s Dome Restoration Showcased in Time-lapse Video

Designed by architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue and affectionately referred to as the “Jewel of Park Avenue,” St. Bart’s is a designated New York City landmark and is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1918, the structure was in desperate need of repair and restoration.

This time-lapse video of the St. Bartholomew’s Church Dome Restoration Project spans from June 2016–September 2017 to illustrate the removal and installation process of the terra cotta dome over the 15-month period. The roof tiles were manufactured by Boston Valley Terra Cotta.

St. Bart's Dome, New York City, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Restoration, Comparison, Custom Glaze, Mock-up

A side by side comparison from the video shows the original terra cotta dome alongside the completed installation of the vibrant reconstruction.

Boston Valley’s process includes a dry fit mockup of the pieces necessary to reconstruct the intricate dome detail are laid out on a full-scale curved form template. Below are some images of the mockup process.

Terra Cotta, dome, restoration, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, dry fit, mock-up, template, St. Bart's Dome, NYC

A view from above shows the full-scale wood form which replicates the curvature of the dome, necessary for dry-fitting the terra cotta pieces.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta, St. Bart's Dome Restoration, NYC, Mock-up, Quality Control

A close up of the mockup of the St. Bart’s Dome shows the full-size template. Each terra cotta piece has a specific number assignment that allows the intricate pattern to be reassembled.