A closeup of the red terra cotta facade on the FDNY training facility in NYC, designed by Studio Gang

The Intelligencer Reviews Studio Gang’s FDNY Rescue Company 2

TITLE: The Elemental Architecture of Jeanne Gang: A Chicago architect renowned for her sublime engineering makes buildings that really work for New Yorkers
SOURCE: New York Magazine, Intelligencer
AUTHOR: Justin Davidson
DATE: 12.20.19

Read the full article on New York Magazine’s Intelligencer website.

New York Magazine’s Intelligencer released published an article highlighting the work of architect Jeanne Gang, owner of the Chicago-based Studio Gang firm. The article mentions several of her projects including FDNY Rescue Company 2 facility, a project highlighted by stunning terracotta produced by Boston Valley Terra Cotta.

The building is an impressive example of purposeful architecture, a concept that forms the foundation of Gang’s design philosophy – every detail of the facility has been tailored to the practical and professional needs of the firefighters, helping the company to achieve maximum efficiency in a job where every second counts.

But Jeanne Gang has not forgotten aesthetics in the design of this skillfully engineered facility, using fire-engine red terra cotta tiles fabricated by Boston Valley to create the exterior facade:

An assortment of flourishes on the [building] exterior signals the thought that went into its guts. Windows, doors, truck bays, and balconies are bordered in tubular tiles that have been diagonally set and glazed in a range of fiery reds. It’s a building that fits in neatly on its residential block and also stands out, brightly beckoning neighbors and delighting kids.

The Intelligencer goes on to review several of Gang’s notable NYC projects. Read the full article here.