The Dime Building white terra cotta facade, fogarty finger architects designed, Boston Valley Terra Cotta Produced

White Terracotta Facade Nearly Complete on The Dime as Highlighted in New York YIMBY

TITLE: White Terracotta Facade Nearly Complete For The Dime In Williamsburg, Brooklyn
AUTHOR: Michael Young
DATE: 02.20.2020

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New York YIMBY recently published an article that shows photos of The Dime in Brooklyn, New York nearly complete. The mixed-use building designed by Fogarty Finger will have a total 350,000 square feet divided between ground floor retail, commercial office, and residential spaces with various amenities. The building is comprised of a 19-story residential tower, 4-story podium and a renovated section of the former Dime Savings Bank.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta manufactured the extruded TerraClad® Rainscreen that occupies the outer façade of the building. The units created for this project feature a white glaze that is prominent in the tower and a grey glaze used on the terra cotta piers on the lower podium.

…the white terra cotta façade nearly complete, with work mostly concentrated on the western elevation. The paneling, which is manufactured by Boston Valley, features a variety of concave texturing that creates a play of light and shadow as the sun moves through the sky.

In our previous blog about The Dime building we showcased an outdoor mockup created for client inspection. We build test mockups at various stages of the project to ensure t client’s satisfied with the results of fabrication, which is part of our QA/QC processes.