#TerraCottaNYC NoHo Walking Tour

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has been working alongside architects, building owners, and contractors to manufacture architectural terra cotta, the ancient ceramic media, for 21st-century construction. All around New York City you can see projects that have already been completed, or ones that are currently in progress. If you’re in the city, either for AIA, or just because, take the opportunity to walk around and take in all the unique architecture around every corner.

Begin your NoHo walking tour by heading southwest on Broadway Street from the corner of East 4th Street. The first building set in from the corner on your left will be 688 Broadway, a 12-story, 45,000 square foot mixed-use development designed by BKSK Architects. The exterior features elements of steel, brick, and terra cotta, manufactured by Boston Valley.

As you head past 688 Broadway, take your first left onto Great Jones Street, heading towards Lafayette Street. Stop to take a peek down 1 Great Jone Alley to see the terra cotta feature wall that accentuates the residential entryway of 688 Broadway. The wall, developed in collaboration with ceramic artist, Anne Currier, is a TerraClad Rainscreen made up of custom designed tiles arranged by the artist herself to create a unique design.

688 Broadway, 1 Great Jones Alley, BKSK architects, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, New York City, Anne Currier

A detail shot of the terra cotta wall tiles for the entryway for 688 Broadway at 1 Great Jones Alley, laid out on the floor of the Boston Valley factory.

Continue down Great Jones Street to Lafayette Street. Directly across the street you will see 363 Lafayette Street, a 10-Story office building designed by Morris Adjmi Architects. The building will feature a dark grey terra cotta glaze application with a simple, geometric pattern. The units of the terra cotta frieze were extruded in the factory and the projections were modified in the finishing department.

363 Lafayette, New York City Architecture, Morris Adjmi, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

A visual mockup of the charcoal terra cotta frieze for 363 Lafayette in New York City.

For your final stop, continue to head southwest down Lafayette Street toward Bond Street. On your right at the corner of Bond Street will be 10 Bond Street, a seven-story, 11-unit infill project designed by Selldorf Architects. For this project, Boston Valley manufactured several custom extrusion profiles, one of which measures 30″ wide by 30″ high. The units that frame out the building’s windows are glazed in a custom russet colored glaze that mimics the traditional hue of brick.

10 Bond Street, Selldorf Architects, TerraClad, Rainscreen, New York Architects, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

A close up of the custom extruded TerraClad Rainscreen surrounding the windows of 10 Bond Street.