#TerraCottaNYC Flatiron District Walking Tour

Head to the Flatiron District to catch a glimpse of some unique high-end residential buildings being clad in terra cotta.

Start your tour at the corner of 6th Avenue and 23rd Street. Head southeast on West 23rd Street towards 5th Avenue. Along the way, you will pass 39-41 West 23rd Street, a new cantilevering residential building designed by COOKFOX. The cutting edge structure will sit in the midst of many historic buildings, an area that is synonymous with New York’s architectural identity. The 22-story apartment building will feature 38 units and a 50 space parking garage. Boston Valley Terra Cotta has been manufacturing the units for the building’s terra cotta facade. The glaze combination features a soft, yet luminous white glaze alongside a metallic, brown glaze on the TerraClad rainscreen.

39-41 West 23rd Street, COOKFOX, Flatiron District, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, NYC Architecture

An in factory mockup of 39–41 West 23rd to test the alignment and consistancy of the terra cotta units.

Continue on West 23rd Street past 5th Avenue. Take a right on Broadway and then take your first left on to East 22nd Street. As you head down East 22nd Street you’ll notice the vertical terra cotta fins adorning the facade of 23 East 22nd Street. Designed by BKSK, the gatehouse serves as the entrance to One Madison, a luxury residential condominium tower. The warm toned glazes create an inviting entryway to welcome residents home.

BKSK Architects, One Madison Gatehouse, Boston Valley Terra cotta, Custom Glaze, TerraClad, New York City

The custom glazed terra cotta fins of the One Madision Gatehouse were intentionally designed to catch and screen the mid-morning and afternoon light. Photo Credit: ©Christopher Payne/Esto

Double back down East 22nd Street towards Broadway. Make a left on Broadway and then take the first right onto East 21st Street. Continue on East 21st Street past 5th Avenue. Shortly after you pass 5th, 7 West 21st Street will appear on you right. Designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, 7 West 21st Street is a 288,000-square-foot residential building clad in white and gray terra cotta masonry. The facade design pulled inspiration from early twentieth century Gothic Revival buildings to fit within the historic Ladies’ Mile District.

7 West 21st Street, Morris Adjmi, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, New York City Architecture, Terra Cotta Masonry

A progress shot of the now complete 7 West 21st Street shows the installation of approximately 4000 terra cotta units, ranging in widths from 16″ to 24″.