TerraClad® Panels Are Part of Cornell University’s Redeveloped Upson Hall

Work is continuing on Cornell University’s Upson Hall, the engineering school’s 1956-built academic building. Located on the campus in Ithaca, New York, the 160,000 square-foot building is now being renovated by Perkins + Will, who designed this original building 60 years ago. Perkins + Will is working with LTL Architects and engineers Thornton-Tomasetti on this transformation.

Boston Valley is in the process of manufacturing ribbed terra cotta panels, which is described in an article in on aasarchitecture.com as “rich, deep and beautiful…”,  that will offer, “a rich textured expression to this building.”

According to Cornell University, this unique smart building will include a high-efficiency HVAC system designed by the University’s Sustainable Design team that will offer substantial energy savings using cutting edge technologies. The designers are hoping to gain additional efficiency through the use of Cascadia Clips to allow for a thermal break and a 6″ deep insulation cavity. The depth of the exterior wall also assists in adding to the texture of the facade as the windows are therefore set back, creating deep recesses between areas of TerraClad® panels.  The facade will be installed by Ajay Glass, who recently trained at  Boston Valley Terra Cotta to prepare for installing the cladding from the air/vapor barrier out.

Cornell University, Upson Hall, TerraClad, Renovation, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

A mock-up of the TerraClad® panels demonstrating the new texture for the façade of Cornell University’s Upson Hall. The final product will have a light grey glaze finish applied.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta, TerraClad Installation, Upson Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY, Ajay Glass

Ajay Glass training on how to install the cladding system for Cornell University’s Upson Hall at Boston Valley Terra Cotta.