Exciting Collaborations With Architects and Artists Have Produced Stunning Feature Walls

Architectural terra cotta varies greatly in form and surface treatment. It is a flexible and long-lasting material, making it an ideal product that lends itself to unique forms. Boston Valley Terra Cotta frequently works with artists and architects to create products that expand the notion of what terra cotta can be. The work we create in collaboration with artists and architects is the foundation of our yearly ACAWorkshop.

Projects featuring terra cotta wall installations have recently become an interesting focal point in our production. From the elegant geometry of the Doak Stadium Wall Mural to the three-dimensional forms in the Continuum Wall Tiles, terra cotta feature walls are a marvelous addition in any building project.

Here are a few recent projects:

Florida State University — Doak Stadium Wall Mural

The wall murals at the recently completed Florida State University — Doak Stadium in Tallahassee are sophisticated decorative elements at the building’s entrance. The walls are part of a large renovation of Doak Stadium designed by Elliott Marshall Innes, P.A. (EMI). Boston Valley manufactured the terra cotta tiles for the Doak Stadium wall murals using the extrusion forming method. The wall installations feature a geometric pattern and tiles in 5 different colors to compliment the brickwork of the stadium.

Florida State University, Doak Campbell Stadium Mural, Restoration, Extrusion, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Terra Cotta Wall Mural, Masonry, Masonry Incorporated, Elliott Marshall Innes, P.A., EMI

Florida State University Doak Campbell Stadium Renovations features terra cotta wall installations by Boston Valley Terra Cotta.

Continuum Wall Tiles – Anne Currier

Through the course of 2018, Boston Valley worked with ceramic artist, Anne Currier to create a unique product for her solo exhibition, Display. Currier’s new body of work debuted at the Burchfield Penney Art Center last October and is still open to the public. In her solo exhibit, Currier displays her ceramic work and Continuum, two twin-facing wall installations manufactured by Boston Valley.

The black and white glazed tiles are organic in form, with eight different tiles that can be rotated and arranged in multiple configurations. The forms were created initially by hand, originating from pottery wheel cylinders and manipulated further by the artist. The tiles were fabricated using the RAM press forming method in which clay was pressed into a mold created from Currier’s original tile designs.

Continuum is a representation of Currier and Boston Valley’s collaborative relationship. The forms reflect the touch of the artist and suggest the greater scale of production that is achieved when working with a manufacturer. This partnership has resulted in a unique product, something that can be replicated in other instances.

Display: Sculpture by Anne Currier is on view until Sunday, April 28, 2019.
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Anne Currier, Interior Wall Tiles, Feature Wall, Architectural Terra Cotta, Display, the sculpture of Anne Currier, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Detail shot of Continuum, the white glazed terra cotta wall is designed by Anne Currier.

Anne Currier, Interior Wall Tiles, Feature Wall, Architectural Terra Cotta, Display, the sculpture of Anne Currier, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Detail shot of Continuum, the charcoal colored glazed terra cotta wall tiles are designed by Anne Currier.

688 Broadway, One Great Jones Alley

688 Broadway, One Great Jones Alley is a mixed-use building in New York City developed by Madison Reality Capital and designed by BKSK Architects. The structure features two different applications of architectural terra cotta: a TerraClad® wall installation located beyond a gated entranceway on Great Jones Alley and terra cotta sunshade for the façade facing out at Broadway. In 688 Broadway, One Great Jones Alley, Boston Valley has created TerraClad® wall installations with Ceramic Artist, Anne Currier, that exists in both interior and exterior spaces.

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BKSK Architects, TerraClad®, Terra Cotta Wall, Madison Reality Capital, One Great Jones Alley, 688 Broadway

The terra cotta wall installation at 688 Broadway, One Great Jones Alley is both an interior and exterior installation.

Kimmel Pavillion

The outdoor TerraClad© wall at The Helen L. & Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion is exemplary of sophisticated application of architectural terra cotta. Ennead Architects determined the final composition of the tiles, the monochromatic blue wall is comprised of six varying glazes in multiple sizes. The visual texture of the Kimmel Pavilion is an exciting addition to the NYU Langone Health campus.

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NYU Langone Health, Kimmel Pavilion, TerraClad Facade, Architectural Terra cotta, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

The monochrome blue TerraClad® wall installed at the Kimmel Pavilion in New York City.

Pacific Gate Condominiums

The TerraClad® wall at the entrance of Pacific Gate Condominiums is a vibrant experience for the people who live there. This application of architectural terra cotta is an excellent example of of precision in the design of terra cotta walls and the what is possible in terms of glaze application. The majority of the extruded terra cotta tiles are glazed in a natural, sand color with accents in gold luster, depicting west coast sunsets that residents are accustomed to.

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Pacific Gate Condominiums, San Diego California, Kohn Pedersen Fox, Custom Gold Glaze, Ram Press

The feature wall at Pacific Gate Condominiums features a unique composition and precise glaze application.