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The Woolworth Restoration Begins with 3D Digital Scan Technology

The Woolworth Building, designed by renowned architect, Cass Gilbert, held the record for the world's tallest sky scrapper from its completion in 1913 until 1930.
250 Delaware Avenue, architectural restoration, Terraclad sunshade

New Capitals for 250 Delaware Avenue Combine Old and New Fabrication Techniques

Making components such as the pier capitals on the facade of the old Delaware Court Building shows the combination of old and new techniques involved in making highly detailed ornamental pieces.
Gramercy Park, NYC, architectural restoration, boston valley terra cotta

Gargoyles of Gramercy Park Scanned in 3D

Along with the blocks of the historic facade on 36 Gramercy Park…
36 Gramercy Park, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, architectural restoration

3D Modeling For The Terra Cotta Blocks @ 36 Gramercy Park

Shortly after the completion of the site survey things are off…
36 Gramercy, new york city, architectural restoration, terra cotta

Boston Valley Uses Photogrammetry on 36 Gramercy Park

Boston Valley Terra Cotta begins work on the historic 36 Gramercy…
Milled Form and Original Drawing

Innovations in Digital Conversion @ Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Morphing Innovations Here at Boston Valley Terra Cotta we recently…

Department of Architecture Fuels Innovation through Industry Partnerships

SOURCE: UB school of Architecture and Planning BY: Rachel Teaman …