NYC's The Fitzroy Shines in Video From JDS Development Group

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has been working with the JDS Development Group, Architects Roman and Williams and the IBI Group to bring The Fitzroy to life at 514 W 24th st.

In the Factory: The Fitzroy Green Glaze Facade

Located at 514 West 24th street, The Fitzroy finds its home on the Lower West Side of Manhattan.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta's Master Sculptors Restoring Chicago's Gage Building

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has been making progress on the very detailed, ornamental terra cotta facade restoration of the Gage Building in Chicago.

Mahoning County Courthouse is Ready For Restoration, Receives First Shipment of Terra Cotta

The first shipment of terra cotta has arrived and awaits installation at the Mahoning County Courthouse.

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