Washington Business Journal Highlights the Colorful Terra Cotta on The Whitman-Walker’s Liz

TITLE: See Whitman-Walker’s Liz development before it opens on 14th Street
SOURCE: Washington Business Journal
AUTHOR: Jonathan Capriel
DATE: 11.1.19

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The Selldorf Architects designed 14th Street Corridor, Whitman-Walker’s Liz, has been featured in a recent article published by the Washington Business Journal. The new, mixed-use development reconfigures the original Whitman-Walker Health building and Belmont Garage within a new structure that will have residential, commercial, retail and community spaces.

The 7-story building features terra cotta window surrounds manufactured by Boston Valley Terra Cotta in a colorful rainbow of hues. The bright, multi-colored effect used on the 14th Street Corridor has been achieved with the wide variety of surface treatments offered by the ceramic glazing process.

See some photos of the Whitman-Walker’s Liz on Selldorf Architect’s website

A display of the colorful glazes used in Selldorf Architects' 14th Street Corridor, Whitman-Walker Center in Washington DC

A selection of colorful glaze test tiles in the Boston Valley production facility for the 14th Street Corridor’s window surrounds.