Ringling Museum + Machado Silvetti Associates Visit Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Executive Director Steven High, Erin Christy (Director of Planned Giving), Cliff Walters and Susie Walters from the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art accompanied Rodolfo Machado and Craig Mutter from Machado and Silvetti Associates to Orchard Park, NY to visit Boston Valley Terra Cotta. In addition to touring the plant, the group was updated on the progress of units being manufactured for the new addition to the Ringling Museum of Art called the Center for Asian Art.

The visitors got to see first hand the combination of technology and craftsmanship being employed by Boston Valley to manufacture their facade units. The project was modeled in Rhino, models were carved on our CNC machine and are being hydraulically pressed on our RAM press or alternately will be slip-cast in the coming weeks.