The Restoration of the Capitol Theatre in Flint, Michigan is Underway

Work is underway on another restoration project of a beautiful atmospheric style theater from the late 1920’s. The Capitol Theatre in Flint, Michigan was originally built in 1928 for the W.S. Butterfield chain of theaters. The new ownership team of Uptown Investment Corp and Whiting Co. plan to reopen the theater as a performing arts center.

Restoration of the Hispano-Italian style exterior is being undertaken by Grunwell-Cashero with whom Boston Valley Terra Cotta is working with to replicate the ornate terra cotta units. New units for the one-of-a-kind 6-foot tall bracket shown below are being made with the aid of Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s 5-axis CNC machine. The massive assembly, including scroll and leaf details, was carved in several pieces of high-density foam from which molds will be cast.

Capitol Theatre, Flint Michigan, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Restoration, Grunwell-Cashero

The site surveying process involves taking hundreds of photos of the existing façade.

5-axis CNC router, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Foam Mold, Restoration, Capitol Theatre, Flint Michigan

The intricate details are carved into high-density foam using the 5-axis CNC router. This foam mock-up is then used to cast a mold that will be used to form the new terra cotta units.

Capitol Theatre, Flint, Michigan, Terra Cotta Restoration, Boston Valley, Carved high density foam mock-up

Another view of the carved foam replica of the detailed terra cotta units from the Capitol Theatre.

 Stay tuned as this project progresses through the plant and onto site for installation.