Boston Valley Terra Cotta – Resilient Company, Resilient Product

Looking at pictures of Boston Valley Terra Cotta today, you would never guess that it came from such humble beginnings. Now a company that is a worldwide manufacturer of architectural terra cotta for restoration and rain screen installations, Boston Valley was once a simple brick manufacturing facility.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta, circa 1930, architectural, historic, terra cotta

In the pictures above, you can see the original building that was built in 1889. The Krouse family later bought the factory when it was a clay pot manufacturer in 1981. Andrew Krouse and his four sons took the clay pot factory and quickly turned it into a global competitor for architectural terra cotta and ceramics. The first restoration Boston Valley completed was the Guaranty Building in Buffalo, New York. Thirty-five years later we are a growing company that has been awarded contracts for some of the most notable buildings around the globe. Many new products have been introduced to the construction industry but very few have been able to surpass terra cotta in terms of longevity. It is a resilient material with the ability to withstand severe climates and UV exposure.

The Krouse family takes great pride in making not only an exceptional product, but making sure our family values extend to the health and safety of all our employees. We are very proud to say we have several employees who have made Boston Valley Terra Cotta their career. We look forward to providing durable, sustainable, and beautifully designed products to the construction industry for the next thirty-five years.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta, architectural terra cotta, made in USA

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