Boston Valley’s TerraPreCast® product line embeds terra cotta as a finishing material in precast concrete units, combining the strength and durability of precast concrete construction – including blast resistance –with the variety of profile and finish options offered by terra cotta.

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A solid terra cotta veneer with a minimum thickness of 30mm employs a dovetail profile on the backside of the ceramic panel to ensure a high-strength bond between the two surfaces.

TerraPreCast® panels are available in standard 2” height increments from 6”– 24”, with a maximum length of 60”. If you are considering larger dimensions or custom profiles, please contact our sales team.

Testing Completed and Approval Received for Compliance with the Precast Concrete Institute Standard for Architectural Terra Cotta.

TerraPreCast® Technical Data Sheet

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Profile of a TerraPreCast sample piece from 1200 17th Street in Washington, DC. Terra cotta finishing material for precast concrete.
TerraPreCast sample pieces laid out in a dry fit from 1200 17th Street in Washington, DC.
TerraPreCast Panels.