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Boston Valley offers sunshade devices as part of our TerraClad® product line. They can be used in combination with the rain screen system or as a standalone feature. A true marriage of form and function, these sunshade devices aid in reduction of glare and help to shield occupants from the sun similar to traditional blinds. TerraClad® sunshade devices provide designers with another component with which to create a unique, modern building facade.

The basic element of these shading systems are the terra cotta baguette or louver, an internal spline (typically aluminum but customizable for project specifications) and gasket. While typical attachment details are available as a starting point, our team will work with you to provide an engineered solution specific to conditions on your project. No two projects have utilized the same sunshade framing system, yet Boston Valley continues to create success even when presented with challenging designs.

Boston Valley uses the term “baguette” to refer to any sunshade device that has a square profile, while a “louver” refers to all other shading devices that have sides with unequal dimensions. These terra cotta sunshade components are available in standard sizes, however Boston Valley has created dozens of custom shapes that can be utilized by any client. Review sunshade profiles in our TerraClad® Profile Catalog here (PDF 4MB).

Baguette and Louver Details

Standard Vertical Fin Attachment

TerraClad® Sunshade vertical fin attachment.

Removable Bracket Attachment Option

TerraClad® Sunshade Removable Bracket Option