• Detail of the Hamilton College, Wellin Museum of Art TerraClad Rainscreen with an extruded ribbed texture in matte purple custom glaze. Designed by Machado Silvetti.


Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s ceramic rain screen cladding system provides benefits above and beyond conventional masonry cavity wall systems. In addition to the durability and ease of maintenance inherent to any ceramic cladding, the TerraClad® system incorporates ship-lapped open joints that shield the structural wall from wind-driven rain and snow while also ventilating the airspace to mitigate mold and mildew growth. Gaskets and isolators provide a snug fit between panels and the framing system to prevent wind-induced rattle and allow for movement of the aluminum framing system due to thermal expansion. Beyond the functionality of the system, the plasticity of terra cotta offers profile opportunities to designers not available in alternate rain screen cladding materials.

TerraClad® ceramic rain screen panels are available in two thicknesses, 30mm and 40mm. The 40mm comes in a range of standard heights for both smooth and reveal panels, while the 30mm comes in a range of standard heights for the smooth profile. Beyond these standard panels we have produced custom profiles and specialty elements for firms such as Machado & Silvetti, KPF, and Mario Botta Architetto. Boston Valley’s team will also work with you to develop a unique profile for your project. The standard sizes for smooth & reveal panels are available in 2” increments based on the height restrictions for 30mm & 40mm panels. Many custom profiles are available for use and can be found in the resources section here. TerraClad® products are provided cut to size and outside corner conditions are quirk miter cut at our facility.

Click here to download and review the TerraClad® Profile Catalog (PDF 4MB) or contact our sales team to discuss custom design needs for your project.

Benefits of the TerraClad® System:

  • Ceramic panels installed on an aluminum framing system offer the durability of a masonry installation without the weight
  • Continuous insulation outboard of the primary wall system increases the thermal performance of the building envelope
  • A mortar-less system allows for installation in any weather conditions and reduces maintenance costs associated with re-pointing
  • Replacement of a panel does not require the entire stacked bond to be removed
  • Gravity and friction fit pre-punched track system speeds installation
  • LEED credit opportunities
  • Abundant profile, color and finish opportunities available

Please review our system details to incorporate into your project documents.

TerraClad® System Diagram

Horizontal Track

Cross section illustration of the Boston Valley TerraClad system horizontal track.

TerraClad® System Diagram

Vertical Track

Cross section illustration of Boston Valley's TerraClad system vertical track.

TerraClad® Standard Panel Sizes

Illustrations of the standard panel sizes for the Boston Valley Terra Cotta TerraClad rainscreen system.