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Benefits of the TerraClad® System Design

• Ceramic panels installed on an aluminum framing system offer the durability of a masonry installation without the weight

• Continuous insulation outboard of the primary wall system increases the thermal performance of the building envelope

• A mortarless system allows for installation in any weather condition and reduces maintenance costs associated with re-pointing

LEED credit opportunities

• Abundant profile, color and finish opportunities available

Benefits of the TerraClad® System Installation

• Pre-punched track with gravity friction-fit clip speeds system installation

• Training provided by Boston Valley technical field support team either at our facility or on the job site

• Out-of-box installation – all components provided

• Panels cut to size including quirk-miter corners standard

• Replacement of a panel does not require the entire stacked bond to be removed

• Various system options exist to handle stud vs. cmu construction, panel orientation, and punched versus unpunched track

3-Step process for installing TerraClad terra cotta Rainscreen panels; 1) Prepare site and install track, 2) Install TerraClad panels, 3) Continue adding panels until complete. Replacing a panel is easy unlike traditional masonry construction.