The TerraClad® ceramic rainscreen system features ship-lapped open joints that shield the structural wall from wind, rain and snow, while ventilating the airspace to minimize mold and mildew growth.

Rainscreen panels are available in two thicknesses – 40mm comes in a range of standard heights for both smooth and reveal panels, while the 30mm has standard options for smooth profiles only. Standard panel sizes are offered in 2” increments based on the height restrictions of each thickness. TerraClad® products are provided cut to size, and outside corner conditions are quirk miter cut at our facility.

We can also produce custom profiles and specialty elements beyond these standard panels. Our team will work with you to develop a unique profile for your project. Browse existing custom profiles available for use in the Design Center.

Click here to download the TerraClad® Brochure (PDF 16.3MB) or contact our sales team to discuss custom design needs for your project.

Illustrations of the standard panel sizes for the Boston Valley Terra Cotta TerraClad rainscreen system.