Boston Valley Terra Cotta specializes in providing architectural terra cotta solutions for building facades, from masonry to rainscreen, sunshade and panel systems. Whether you’re in need of terra cotta for in-situ or unitized construction, our team will assist you with designing and fabricating a variable façade system to your specifications.

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Why should you choose terra cotta for your building façade?

Terra cotta is an extremely durable and non-combustible material, making it the superior choice for architectural facades – structures made using terra cotta can last for hundreds of years with proper installation and maintenance.

The high plasticity ratio of terra cotta allows it to be formed into a wide range of shapes and profiles; this flexibility makes the material equally well-suited for both masonry and panel applications.

As a natural material mined from the earth’s clay, terra cotta does not off-gas and has an inherent through-body color range that is resistant to UV fade.

While all our orders are custom, the products listed below provide a framework for you to reference when considering your design.

Please contact us to learn more about our terra cotta products.