Historic Restoration of the Porcelanosa Flagship Store is Complete

Boston Valley Terra Cotta worked with installation contractor Nicholson & Galloway to restore and transform the former Commodore Criterion building into the new Porcelanosa flagship store. CTS Group Architecture was retained by Porcelanosa USA for their expertise on the restoration of the exterior facade, including the terra cotta and stone materials.  The building, originally completed in 1918 during WWI, is being gutted and headquarter renovations design by Foster + Partners. Situated at the the intersection of Fifth Avenue, 25th Street, and Broadway, the building previously sat vacant with remnants of Christmas decor from its former life as the Commodore and Criterion Christmas decoration showroom. At its peak in 1941, the building was home to A.C. Gilbert and Company’s flagship store and eventually The Gilbert Hall of Science. Gilbert was famous for educational toys and most notably the erector set.

The plan for the Porcelenosa flagship store included restoring the exterior of the building to its original neoclassical design and completely transforming the interior space to enhance the showroom experience and increase energy performance.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Foster and Partners, Restoration, Porcelanosa, Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto

Porcelanosa lettering on the parapet replaces “Commodore Criterion” and reflects the building’s history. Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto

Porcelanosa, NYC, Restoration, Commodore Criterion, Terra Cotta, Foster and Partners, Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto

The building exterior remains true to the original neoclassical design from 1918. Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto

Commodore Criterion, A.C. Gilbert and Company, Porcelanosa, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Restoration, NYC, Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto

The Porcelanosa flagship store occupies the previously vacant Commodore Criterion. Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto