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Alberta Legislature Dome: Test Fitting

The Alberta project is in full production mode. The plant is churning out completed models, molds and finished units daily to keep up with production demands. The 5 axis router continues to produce approximately 8 models a day. Plaster models are test fitted before molding to ensure adjacent pieces line up correct.


Building The Enclosure For Our 5-Axis Router

The 5 axis router is now fully enclosed to prevent any flying debris from entering the mold shop work space. The curtains are specially designed to prevent any flying objects from escaping the working envelope of the machine. They are strong enough to even stop bullets!   Check out this video clip of our 5 […]


Dorothy Gets Ready For Her Starring Role

In an effort to document the unique work performed by Boston Valley Terra Cotta, filmmaker Peter McGennis traveled to New York City to capture one of the original “Dorothy” structures that is still in tact on the building located at 150 Nassau. As visible in the photos below the structure has been strapped back to […]