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Acadia Workshop Attendees Explore Boston Valley’s Manufacturing Processes

Utilizing Rhino and Grasshopper software, architecture professors and students designed their own terra cotta unit, several of which were routed out of foam on the 5-axis CNC machine. On October 22nd and 23rd, Boston Valley Terra Cotta interns Andy Pries and Peter Schmidt hosted a workshop at Boston Valley as part of the Acadia 2013 […]


Boston Valley Carries On the Legacy of Raphael Guastavino During APT Workshop in NYC

Boston Valley Terra Cotta donated tile for a Guastavino vault that was constructed as part of a workshop during the APT NYC conference that happened October, Oct. 11-15th. Participants had the opportunity to construct a variety of simple Guastavino vaults. Guastavino tile is the “Tile Arch System” patented in the United States in 1885 by […]


1200 17th Street Features Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s New TerraPreCast Panels

1200 17th street is one of the first projects by Boston Valley Terra Cotta to feature our new TerraPreCast line of architectural terra cotta panels. Produced in collaboration with Modern Mosaic, a precast concrete facility located in Niagara Falls, Canada, these panels are embedded in concrete and then attached to the building in large segments. […]


Why You Should #ConsiderTerraCotta

Watch the Boston Valley Terra Cotta story to learn more about our history, our products, and our processes. Plan your visit to our factory to see for yourself & see why you should #ConsiderTerraCotta.   Do you have a project for which you would like to consider terra cotta? Boston Valley Terra Cotta encourages you […]


Reviewing the TerraClad System With the Boston Valley Sales Team

At the 2013 Boston Valley sales meeting, the team got a detailed review of the TerraClad mounting system from our International Sales Manager. Having recently developed a horizontal track system to more easily accommodate for vertically installed panels, Boston Valley mocked up a wall for the sales team to review and discuss. Both the vertically […]


Visit to the Boston Valley Glaze Lab

The Boston Valley Terra Cotta glaze lab hosted an afternoon tour during the 2013 sales meeting. Boston Valley President John Krouse explained the precise color matching that the team does in the lab, often a place where art and science meet. This lab handles color matching for the historic restoration projects, as well as glaze […]