Boston Valley Hosts a Visit from Italy’s One Works, Touring Projects in Buffalo, NY & NYC

Last week Boston Valley Terra Cotta had the pleasure of hosting Italian design and consultancy firm One Works in Buffalo, NY. One Works offers an integrated approach to architecture, infrastructure and urban engineering headquartered in Milan, Italy. They work with a variety of public and private sector clients, delivering architectural and urban design solutions all over the world.

During their stay, One Works toured the facilities at Boston Valley, met our team and toured several local building sites to see Boston Valley completed projects. One Work’s Pietro Bagnoli and Mattia Cipriani’s trip to the US also included tours of Guaranty Building, Electric Tower, 250 Delaware Avenue and University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine. This tour allowed One Works to view both Boston Valley’s traditional architectural terra cotta restoration work and local new build projects.

After the tour of Boston Valley projects in Western New York, One Works and Boston Valley traveled to New York City for 2 days to view first-hand many of Boston Valley’s NYC projects. The projects highlighted in this tour include 512 West 22nd Street,  10 Bond St, St. Bartholomew’s Dome and The Woolworth Building, among others. One Works was accompanied by Boston Valley’s CEO John Krouse and the team plans to meet up again in Milan next month.

One Works, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, 10 Bond, New York City

One Works’ Mattia Cipriani views the Terraclad on NYC’s 10 Bond.