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KPF’s One Vanderbilt Construction Update by New York YIMBY

Kohn Pedersen & Fox’s One Vanderbilt has reached a height benchmark of 900 feet, exceeding The Metlife Building in Midtown Manhattan. Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s unique extruded panels are a part of unitized façade system for this noteworthy building. The exterior of the building has been partially installed as construction continues. One Vanderbilt is expected to be completed in 2020.

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TITLE: One Vanderbilt Surpasses The Metlife Building, Climbs Onwards To 1,401 Foot Pinnacle Above Midtown
AUTHOR: Michael Young
DATE: 12.29.18
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As of now, the building looks to be around 900 feet in height, with the first sloped setbacks set to begin around the 1,100-foot mark. The terracotta and glass facade, manufactured by Boston Valley, is making steady progress on all sides since installation began back in August. Construction workers are putting up the steel columns and beams above a set a mechanical floors enclosed in a perimeter of diagonal columns for structural support. They won’t be seen when the facade reaches this section.