Curved Terra Cotta Panels Installation is Underway on Newman & Rathbone Passageway in London UK

Installation has begun on the passageway for the new Rathbone Square building by Great Portland Estates in London. The new mixed-use building has been developed on the site of a former post office warehouse and will provide residential, office, and retail space. Facebook will house their London offices at this premiere site which has created a new square in central London.

The curved terra cotta panels are currently being installed within passageways that connect Rathbone and Newman streets to a new public area at Rathbone Square. Boston Valley worked closely with Szerelmey and Great Portland Estates to develop the bespoke profile and custom glaze finish desired for this project. Before shipment, the panels were laid out in a mock-up at our facility, allowing us to ensure proper fit and alignment. Now that installation has begun, the jade green terra cotta is truly bringing these passageways to life.

Newman & Rathbone passageway, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Custom glaze, custom terra cotta profiles, bespoke

The terra cotta for the Newman & Rathbone Passageway is laid out in a factory mock-up to ensure quality and accurate fit before the pieces are packed up and shipped.

Newman & Rathbone passageway, Rathbone Square, London, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, bespoke, custom glaze, custom terra cotta profiles

The green glazed curved terra cotta pieces for the Newman & Rathbone passageway in the Boston Valley Terra Cotta factory.

Newman & Rathbone Passageway, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, bespoke green glaze, custom glaze, custom profiles

Installation is underway on the Newman & Rathbone Passageway.

Newman & Rathbone passageway, London, UK, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, bespoke, Green glaze, Custom glaze

The passageway connects Rathbone and Newman streets to a new public area at Rathbone Square.