MKCA New York City Townhouse Update & Sneak Peek

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has been working with Michael K Chen Architecture on a reconstructed landmarked 1870’s townhouse in New York City. This new building has been constructed to fit within the historic footprint of the original structure. One of the many highlights of this project includes the custom developed terra cotta planter wall, the “green wall”.

Constructed using a minimal-waste slip forming process and finished with a custom glaze developed here at Boston Valley, this wall provides a variation in microclimates allowing for a variety of native New York State plants to flourish in an urban setting. The green wall installation was recently completed and planting is in process.

Additionally, the front facade of this townhouse is the first known NYC Landmarks-approved restoration of its kind. Originally a brownstone, the facade was reconstructed and recreated in terra cotta masonry units colored and textured to mimic a brownstone.



New York City Townhouse, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Michael Chen

The more traditional brownstone inspired front façade of the New York City Townhouse.


Nanobiome Building Skin, Green Wall, NYC, Michael Chen, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

The installed Green Wall (Nanobiome Building Skin) of the New York City Townhouse.


NYC Townhouse, Green Wall, Terra Cotta, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Michael Chen

The unique terra cotta green wall features native NYS woodland ferns and mosses.