Medical School Mockup Passes Weather Testing

SOURCE: UB Reporter
BY: Ellen Goldbaum
DATE: March 26, 2015
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Photo: HOK

Starting in April, beams of steel will rise at the construction site at the corner of Main and High streets in downtown Buffalo, providing passersby with their first glimpse of the new School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, which will open in 2017.

The panels take advantage of local manufacturing expertise: They are being custom-made by Boston Valley Terra Cotta in Orchard Park, which, Schwartz points out, is one of the premier firms in the country that manufacture these panels

But earlier this month, personnel from UB, LPCiminelli, HOK and Gilbane/Liro got a sneak peek while at the Construction Research Laboratory in Miami, where a 30-by-36-foot mockup of part of the building’s facade was constructed.

It took several weeks to construct the mockup, which then was subjected to simulations of powerful rain and windstorms to see how the building’s exterior will hold up against the elements.

“The building mockup passed with flying colors,” says Jennifer A. Kuhn, project manager for the new medical school building. “This kind of testing is only done on very large, complex projects.”…Continue Reading full article on UB Reporter website. (expired link)