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Bringing a project to its completion is an involved process that requires several steps to ensure quality in the fabrication of our products.

Over the last 30 years, Boston Valley Terra Cotta has invested $18 million in capital improvements. This has given us a competitive edge by assuring that we produce materials of the highest quality with on-time delivery. The manufacture of terra cotta is a process with specific stages, needs and time constraints. Boston Valley strives to help our clients understand this process by maintaining an open dialogue throughout production to ensure the successful completion of each project.

“We remain committed to growth through innovation and technological advances in the manufacture of our architectural terra cotta.”

Our production process begins when a contract is awarded, materials acquired, and the site is surveyed to determine the project’s scope. Batches of clay and prototypes are produced. Glazes are created and tested on the prototype. Production begins after the mockup is approved; the clay undergoes one or ore of our forming methods to create multiple pieces. Terra cotta is dried, glazed, and fired in the kiln. Fired terra cotta undergoes inspection in the sizing department before it is packaged and shipped to the client.


Our lab utilizes an industrial laser cutter, a 5-axis CNC machine, and a complete suite of architectural and digital sculpting programs to rapidly produce prototypes, mockups and models, molds and dies used in the manufacturing of the final product. The prototypes give us and the architect the ability to understand the design as true three-dimensional parts that can be touched and observed in different heights, angles and potentially various patterns. In some cases these machines and technology cut out tedious or time-consuming parts of the manufacturing process, allowing our employees to focus on the true craft of terra cotta manufacturing. This technology, combined with our historic craftsmanship and material knowledge gives us an unparalleled edge in the fabrication of custom designs.

Projects Featuring Production

10 Bond Street

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