The exterior of the 10 Bond building in NYC, designed by Selldorf Architects

Boston Valley Terra Cotta Mentioned in New York Magazine’s Intelligencer

TITLE: Two New Buildings Break Free of the Glass Straightjacket
SOURCE: New York Magazine, Intelligencer
AUTHOR: Justin Davidson
DATE: 11.6.19

Boston Valley Terra Cotta was mentioned a recent article published by the New York Magazine’s Intelligencer, discussing a shifting trend in popular building materials. In recent years, the favorability of glass as a primary material has declined among architects and building developers as professionals return to traditional materials like terra cotta and copper. Among the projects mentioned in the article are Selldorf Architects’ 10 Bond, Roman and Williams’ The Fitzroy, Grand Central Station Oyster Bar, and Cass Gilbert’s Woolworth Building.

Terra-cotta is cast, so the artistry lies in the mold, which is carved by hand or, these days, shaped with a computer-controlled milling machine. The result can be a plain flat tile or a surface with crests and depth. To get the right effect, Selldorf teamed up with Boston Valley, a manufacturer in western New York that cranked out tests and mock-ups until she got just the right curve, richness, and hue.

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