Seaside Park Community Arts Center, custom glaze, restoration, terra cotta

Hand Finished & Glazed Terra Cotta Units Breathe New Life into Seaside

Work continues on the construction of the Seaside Park and Community Arts Center as the original Coney Island Childs Restaurant is transformed into a new restaurant for the recently opened amphitheater and event space. Boston Valley has replicated hundreds of ornate terra cotta units that are in the process of being installed on site. The medallions are particularly ornate and require hours of hand finishing and hand painting.


Seaside, Childs Restaurant, Coney Island, Terra Cotta Restoration, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

The finishing process requires much attention to detail in order to match the original terra cotta ornamentation.

Childs Restaurant, Coney Island, Seaside, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

An octopus, crabs, and shells adorn a recreated column detail from the original Childs Restaurant nautical façade.

Seaside, Terra Cotta, Custom Glaze, Hand Glazed, Coney Island, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Special consideration is given to recreating the original colors and the intricate custom glaze work that brings these detailed terra cotta medallions to life.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Seaside, Poseidon, Terra Cotta Restoration

Poseidon and his trident command the sea and are central to the nautical motif of the Seaside Park and Community Arts Center.

Coney Island, Seaside, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Restoration, Custom Glaze, Hand Finished

The installation of these recreated terra cotta sea creatures has begun in Coney Island.