Terra Cotta for Façade Restoration

Benefits of In-Kind Replacement

Whether for a historic renovation or FISP-designated repair project, there’s no need to sacrifice the long-lasting durability of real terra cotta by using alternate materials. The benefits of true in-kind masonry replacement can be achieved in a timely manner.


When properly installed and maintained, architectural terra cotta can last centuries with little to no UV fading. The NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission often insists that only terra cotta can replace itself because of its unique natural qualities, and advises against using alternate materials for in-kind replacement.


  • Meet or exceed the performance of the original material.
  • Replicate the building’s physical and aesthetic properties.
  • Maintain the structural integrity of buildings made with terra cotta, as the same material will perform best with the existing construction system.

Boston Valley’s clay mix has been specifically developed for high performance under a wide range of climate conditions, including frequent freeze-thaw cycles.

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Value & Efficiency

When combined with our efficient, multi-process fabrication approach, the value of using architectural terra cotta for in-kind replacement cannot be matched by other materials such as concrete or GRG.


  • Avoid subsequent repairs as a result of using alternate materials.
  • Maintain a higher resale value and generate revenue from rent.
  • Reduce global impact on the environment by using a natural, sustainable material.

Boston Valley has specific equipment dedicated to fabricating replacement units for FISP projects and small restoration projects that need a low number of units. This allows us to produce terra cotta quickly and efficiently for façade maintenance, despite large demand.


Façade restoration efforts help ensure that aging buildings are properly and regularly maintained, reducing the risk of dangerous falling debris hazards to the public.


  • Restore and preserve our historic urban architecture.
  • Identity and repair façade damage: missing or broken units, loss of glaze, surface crazing, directional fine cracking, spalling, etc.
  • In New York City, follow the Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP).

With new technologies and advanced facilities, Boston Valley can evaluate drawings to replicate existing terra cotta units in real-time for highly accurate replacement strategies and cost estimates.

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Contact our team early to plan your façade maintenance program for a long-lasting repair, and stay compliant with NYCDOB regulations.

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