Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz Visits Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Boston Valley Terra Cotta welcomed Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Richard Tobey, Deputy County Executive to Boston Valley. They were able to learn about Boston Valley’s involvement in the UB Medical School, Peace Bridge, and Roswell Park projects as well as many others.

Rich and Mark were truly impressed with our workforce, our infrastructure, and their meeting with Boston Valley President, John Krouse who explained how Boston Valley has grown, step by step over time with careful planning. They were introduced to our TerraClad product, how we compete with foreign competition, and how the growth in our market looks moving forward.

Mark Poloncarz, John Krouse, BostonValley Terra Cotta

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz looks on as Boston Valley President John Krouse explains how to pack the larger molds with clay using hand tools in the mold packing department.

Mark Poloncarz with Boston Valley’s Sharon Snowberger in the glaze department.  As manager of the R&D department, Sharon is responsible for matching glazes on restoration projects as well as creating finishes for new construction.

John Krouse, Mark Poloncarz, and Boston Valley’s National Sales Manager Bill Pottle in the sizing department.  John is explaining how we attach the griffin figure to the extruded block by using slip as a glue application that fuses the clay of the griffin to the clay of the extruded block.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta

University of Buffalo’s Mitchell Bring and Richard Tobey, Deputy County Executive.  Mitchell’s relationship with Boston Valley grew out of the partnership between UB and Boston Valley, a partnership that has resulted in the development of the Boston Valley ARCH Design Lab.

Mark Poloncarz and Bill Pottle examining our mock up walls. Bill is demonstrating the process of how Boston Valley mocks up our projects for customer inspection prior to completing the production of the job and shipping them out.