Echo Art Fair’s Addition of Light Industry is a Huge Success

This years Echo Art Fair drew crowds with its industrious venue, an Albert Kahn designed American Axel plant, and the diverse work of a talented group of artists. 600 people attended the the fair’s preview night on May 13th. Day two 1,500 people were in attendance and on the 15th that number doubled. The site specific and architectural pieces were prominently featured on social media creating a buzz about what fair goers could expect to see and experience.

Along with sponsoring the fair, Boston Valley Terra Cotta worked with Architect and UB School of Architecture and Planning fellow, Ang Li, to develop her site specific piece titled “No Frills.”

For more information about the piece and the event venue read our previous post here.

Albert Kahn, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, UB School of Architecture and Planning, terra cotta, Echo Art Fair, Buffalo NY

Ang Li next to her piece “No Frills” installed in the Albert Kahn designed  American Axel plant.

Echo Art Fair, Ang Li, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Albert Kahn, University at Buffalo, terra cotta, architecture

Fair attendees interacting with “No Frills” a false fifth column within the factory’s grid.

Echo Art Fair, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, UB school of Architecture and Planning, Buffalo NY

Ang Li admiring the towering column.