Boston Valley Restores Terra Cotta Parapets @ State Armory Building

Located at 2366 5th Avenue in Manhattan, the 369th Regiment State Armory is being restored.

The State Armory, the original home of the Harlem Hellfighters following  World War I, was built between 1924 and 1933. The majority of the building is constructed of brick, but is adorned with stunning terra cotta parapets atop which sit the magnificent eagles pictured below.

Architectural restoration, 3d technology

The eagles have been hand crafted here at Boston Valley Terra Cotta to match the figures on the original historic building. In order to do this, Boston Valley laser scanned the original figures to produce accurate 3D images on which to base the new model. Then, the replicas were finished with a custom white and orange burnished glaze. The whole restoration  project will replace 249 individual units and should be completed early this spring.

369th Regiment State Armory, boston valley terra cotta, architecture restoration

Photo Credit ©Christopher Payne/Esto