Atlas Obscura Features Seaside Park & Community Arts Center, Childs Restaurant

TITLE: Childs Restaurant Building
SOURCE: Atlas Obscura
AUTHOR: Andres Schiffino
DATE: 6.23.19

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The former Childs Restaurant in Coney Island was featured on the website Atlas Obscura that discusses the legacy of the landmarked building and its relevance for travelers today. In 2016, Boston Valley Terra Cotta worked with Kaese Architecture on the restoration of Seaside Park and Community Arts Center / Ford Amphitheater.

In order to bring the historic building back to its original state, Boston Valley uses digital scanning and 3-d modeling during the Pre-Design phase to facilitate accurate duplication of the original masonry. Through the course of the manufacturing process, 32 different custom glazes were developed to match the original surface treatment of the 1923 building. Though the scope of the glazing was extensive, the Boston Valley Glaze Lab worked with glaze artist, Christine Jetten, to bring the depth and vibrant colors to the glazed masonry units.

A team of top architects and artists worked on the building, which was built in the resort style that was common for seaside architecture at the time, but with a strong Spanish colonial revival influence. The building was large and included three floors and a rooftop lounge. What was even more marvelous was the detailed terra cotta artwork that decorated the exterior. Colorful depictions of aquatic creatures as well as ships and the sea god Poseidon populate the outside of the building.

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A detail shot of restored masonry unit on Seaside Park and Community Arts Center shows the beauty of glaze application.

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