512 West 22nd street in NYC is in Architectural Record. Boston Valley Terra Cotta supplied terra cotta masonry for the COOKFOX Architects designed commercial building.

Architectural Record: 512W22 by COOKFOX

SOURCE: Architectural Record
DATE: 12.3.19

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COOKFOX Architect’s 512 West 22nd street in New York City is featured in a recent article published by Architectural Record. The 11-story commercial office building was completed in June, 2019 and is located along the High Line park in the Chelsea neighborhood. Boston Valley Terra Cotta manufactured and supplied terra cotta for the TerraClad® in a metallic black glaze for 512 West 22nd Street’s exterior façade.

The design of 512 West 22nd is site specific to the High Line; COOKFOX took into consideration the building’s relationship to nature with the use of natural materials such as terra cotta and zinc, as well as many outdoor spaces available for tenants to use. The highly custom façade is described in the article as having “a deep, rolling profile” which has been created using the extrusion forming method. Curved terra cotta panels populate the building in sections, gradual wrapping around the organic flow of the building’s design.

The black-glazed terra-cotta spandrel panels feature a deep, rolling profile. Together with the industrial sash windows, which curve at the corners, they recall the nearby historical infrastructure and warehouses, taking particular inspiration from the grand Starrett-Lehigh Building of 1931 a few blocks away.

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Close up shot of the black glazed terra cotta on COOKFOX’s 512 West 22nd