FDNY Fire Rescue 2 - Studio Gang, Jeanne Gang, Architectural Digest

Studio Gang’s FDNY Fire Rescue 2 featured in Architectural Digest

TITLE: Inside Studio Gang’s Latest Project, a Brooklyn Firehouse and Training Facility
SOURCE: Architectural Digest
AUTHOR: Fred A. Bernstein
DATE: 04.19.2020

Architectural Digest recently published an article highlighting Studio Gang’s FDNY Fire Rescue 2 in Brooklyn, NY and the work of founding principal and partner of the studio, Jeanne Gang. The building was designed and constructed to become the new home of FDNY Rescue Company 2. Thanks to savvy design choices by Studio Gang, the structure doubles as a training facility for members of the fire department. Spaces in the building were designed specifically to simulate a variety of emergency situations and also takes into consideration its relationship to the local community.

…Gang designed the building with more than disasters in mind. She also gave it a welcoming façade accented by bright-red terra-cotta tiles, with cutouts that convey transparency and a built-in bench where company members and locals can sit and get to know one another.

The unique form of the building is further accentuated with the bright red terra cotta frames manufactured by Boston Valley Terra Cotta. The diagonal extruded portals at FDNY Fire Rescue 2 feature a range of monochromatic red glazes. The subtle variation in glaze helps soften the overall aesthetic of the framed terra cotta features and creates a visually interesting pattern on the building exterior.

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