Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop Wraps Up a Week of Collaborative Design Exploration

The Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop hosted by Boston Valley Terra Cotta in partnership with University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning; Alfred University; Data Clay and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, wrapped up week of collaborative design exploration.

The ACAWorkshop brought together architects, engineers and ceramic artists from across the country. These industry experts worked in teams focusing on the development of architectural terra cotta for bioclimatic use in façades, walls, objects and surfaces.

For more information, you can review the event’s website here.

ACA Workshop, Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, University at Buffalo, Hayes Hall, Buffalo NY

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop participants gathered in UB’s Hayes Hall for a hands on clay demonstration.

ACA Workshop, Slip Casting, Terra Cotta, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Buffalo NY, Hayes Hall, UB

Ceramic Artist Neil Forrest and Eric Verboon, Facades Engineer from Walter P. Moore, prepare a mold for slip casting a terra cotta unit.


Architectural Glaze Ceramicist Christine Jetten discusses development of terra cotta glazes to the ACAWorkshop participants in the Boston Valley glaze department.