The Future of Ceramics is Being Developed in Buffalo, NY – Architect’s Newspaper

TITLE: The Future of Ceramics is being Developed in Buffalo, NY
SOURCE: Architect’s Newspaper
DATE: June 2, 2017
BY: Matt Shaw
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Boston Valley Terra Cotta was recently featured in 
Architect’s Newspaper. The article, “The future of ceramics is being developed in Buffalo, New York” by Matt Shaw, highlights Boston Valley’s transformation from a flower pot business started in 1889 to a leading innovator in the Terra Cotta industry – maintaining a superior level of craftsmanship while simultaneously incorporating digital technology to allow more experimentation with clay-based building systems.

Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Architect's Newspaper, Buffalo, New York

Participants took a hands-on approach to experiment and explore the possibilities of ceramics as an innovative building material. Photo from the 2016 Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop.

The article elaborates on how the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, started in 2016, and occurring again in August of 2017, provides a collaborative workspace to learn the potential of terra cotta in modern architecture.

Omar Khan, the head of the Department of Architecture at the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning states,

“The ceramics world is not yet as advanced as far as the digital fabrication world, but that is where we are trying to push it. And Boston Valley is very supportive of this. They are probably the most important manufacturer in the US working with architectural ceramics.”

ACAWorkshop, Architectural Ceramics Assemblies Workshop, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Architect's Newspaper, Buffalo NY

The ACAWorkshop brought together architects, academics, and ceramic artists to explore the possibilities of architectural ceramics. Photo from 2016’s workshop.

International sales manager at Boston Valley Terra Cotta, elaborates on the Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop:

“While many architects design with industrially-produced ceramic components, they may have limited material understanding of clay, and most artists and designers trained in ceramics may have few opportunities to explore the medium at a scale beyond the object. By attending this workshop, they will have the opportunity to collaborate and deepen their understanding of and experience with the potential for terra-cotta in the architectural setting.”

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To learn more about the 2017 Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, visit the website.