Finished Terra Cotta Pieces Installed on Alaska State Capitol

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has been in the process of recreating the terra cotta details of the façade of the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau, Alaska. The project is in the installation phase.

Built in 1939, the Alaska State Capitol Building was designed by the Treasury Department’s Acting Supervising Architect, James A. Wetmore, in the Art Deco architectural style. The decorative terra cotta features geometric patterns and some bold colors. These understated details can be hard to see at a distance. The location and style of the building sets it apart from most other State Capitol buildings which are commonly built in the Neoclassical architectural style, featuring a dome and expansive landscaping.

The building was in desperate need of repair; it’s columns and decorative façade were crumbling off, and the structure was overdue for a seismic upgrade to meet earthquake standards. Dawson has been working as the contractor for this restoration and Jensen Yorba Lott, a Juneau based architectural firm, is the architect of record.

Alaska State Capitol, Terra Cotta Restoration, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Detail shot of the recreated decorative window surrounding in the Boston Valley shop, ready for installation.

Alaska State Capitol Building, Juneau, Terra Cotta, Custom Glaze, Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta piece, glazed and ready for install.

Alaska State Capitol Building, Restoration, Juneau, Terra Cotta Façade

Finished Terra Cotta pieces installed on the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau, Alaska.

Custom Glaze, Terra Cotta, Alaska State Capitol, Juneau, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Restoration

Custom glazed finished terra cotta pieces newly installed.