• Boston Valley Terra Cotta name stamped on the wet clay. Each architectural terra cotta piece they manufacture is marked.



Boston Valley Terra Cotta® was established by the Krouse family in 1981 following the purchase of Boston Valley Pottery, a company that had been in existence since 1889. Originally a brick manufacturing facility and later a clay pot manufacturer, Boston Valley Pottery was converted to an architectural terra cotta facility by the Krouses. Utilizing both superior terra cotta engineering knowledge and sculpting talent, Boston Valley Terra Cotta has become one of the leading manufacturers of architectural terra cotta in the country.

Boston Valley commenced operations with the restoration of the Guaranty Building, a Louis Sullivan building in Buffalo, New York. Since that time, the company has been awarded contracts for some of the most notable buildings around the country. We are awarded contracts based not only on the competitive cost of our terra cotta products but because of our ability to meet and exceed expectations with regard to service and quality. To date, over 1500 contracts have been carried out to completion. Our facility has grown into a state-of-the-art operation with 170,000 square feet of work space and over 150 employees, operating two shifts per day. Our management team has over 30 years of experience in design engineering, drafting, model and mold making, clay body and glaze development, and customer service.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta will support its clients from planning through installation with expert personnel in all areas of the process. Our passion for ceramic innovation drives us to constantly explore new and old technologies to push the envelope in quality, design and service.

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Our Team

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has hired exceptional people in every department who take great pride in their work and have a close relationship with our management team. In addition, they have strong roots in the community and have made Boston Valley Terra Cotta their career. We are a corporation with closely held stock, primarily in the hands of the Krouse family, and have a vested interest in seeing that our product is of the very highest quality. Our family values extend to our employees with the provision of a safe and healthy work environment that gives them the opportunity to provide well for their own families.

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Boston Valley Terra Cotta employee working in the factory, manufacturing architectural terra cotta pieces, in Orchard Park, New York.

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