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Boston Valley Works with Machado Silvetti on Modern Addition to Ringling Estate

SOURCE: Architect’s Newspaper
BY: John Stoughton
DATE: February 12,2016
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Ringling Museum, Boston Valley Terra Cotta, Machado Silvetti, Sarasota, Florida

Photo courtesy of Machado Silvetti.

Machado Silvetti’s Modern Addition to Historically Significant Ringling Estate 

Boston Valley Terra Cotta worked closely with Machado Silvetti to create 2750 individual terra cotta modules, weighing in at 60-70 pounds each, for a modern addition to historically significant Ringling Estate in Sarasota, Florida. The striking green façade, inspired by the lush foliage, was chosen and created to meet the specific environmental, programmatic, and budgetary needs of the museum. The tiling of the facade was achieved with three primary shapes optimized to the rack size of the kilns utilized in the production of the modules – a 24” square, a 24” portal framing a window opening, and an 18” square. All together, with custom pieces at corners and end conditions, no more than 10 unique shapes were required.

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