Construction Update: London’s 48 Carey Street

48 Carey Street is a residential new build currently under construction in Holburn, London in the UK. The 10-story building, containing 202 apartment units, was designed by PLP Architecture for real estate developer, LODHA Group. The architects ensured that the aesthetic of 48 Carey will blend in seamlessly with the stonework of the surrounding buildings, a defining feature of London’s architectural identity.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has manufactured the units of terra cotta masonry for this project, using extrusion and ram press forming methods, allowing for the replication of many of the same pieces during production. Boston Valley worked with PLP to formulate 48 Carey’s speckled glaze, a soft monochrome in a grey hue matching the textural identity of stonework. The pieces of terra cotta masonry have been tracked and labeled as part of our QA/QC process, readying them for shipment to London. Installation of the pieces are currently underway.


Units of terra cotta masonry in the Boston Valley factory ready to be shipped to the UK.

Several pieces of the grey speckled terra cotta facade for 48 Carey Street.

Installation is currently underway at 48 Carey Street in Holburn, London.

The speckled terra cotta masonry units compliment the other colors and textures found on 48 Carey’s outer facade.