The prototype for SHoP Architects at the 2019 Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop, hosted by Boston Valley Terra Cotta and University at Buffalo

Video Highlights the 2019 Architectural Ceramic Assemblies Workshop

The 2019 ACAWorkshop gave participants the opportunity to innovate and expand what is possible through the assembly and testing of ceramic prototypes. The weeklong event encourages teams to explore different applications of terra cotta in a collaborative environment at Boston Valley Terra Cotta and the UB School of Architecture Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART) Lab. With the help of modern technology and state of the art facilities, Boston Valley Terra Cotta is encouraging the creation of new applications of the medium, transforming how terra cotta is used in building projects.

To get a sense of the 2019 ACAWorkshop, take a look at this video for a glimpse of the process of the teams throughout the weeklong event. In the video, group leaders and participants discuss the core of their work at the workshop and how they came to focus on the concepts they developed.

In this short video, Boston Valley CEO, John Krouse goes on to explain the role of the ACAWorkshop in the growth of terra cotta in architecture:

As a manufacturer we can’t design something and force it on an architect, it doesn’t work like that. It’s the architect that is always the designer. We have to collaborate with them on how to forward this material innovation and the only way we’re gonna do it is if we bring together groups together like this to advance it.

View the video here:

To find out more about the annual ACAWorkshop, check out the event’s website.